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Ever heard of a Chinese bamboo tree? Its quite unique in the manner in which it grows.

A farmer must feed and water this tree for several years before it will even break ground and show itself five years in fact. For the first four years of a bamboo trees life, its readying itself for the world, soaking up sunshine and nutrients but not revealing itself in any way.

And that fifth year? The bamboo tree will shoot as high as 100 feet in only six weeks! Its as if the Chinese bamboo tree has finally achieved every possible resource available to allow itself to grow to its full potential which is does in style.

Is the bamboo tree story true?

The bamboo parable has been around a long time found in motivational text books written as early as the 20th century. Its legendary status still provides inspiration today and its a fact that the bamboo tree can grow at rates of more than three feet per day.

What Can We Learn From the Bamboo?

Faith. It would be quite easy to give up on the bamboo in those first four and a half years. This is the faith that every new business owner must have. Recognize that the seed you plant may not grow or bear fruit for a good, long while but dont let that dissuade you. Believe in the end result and keep feeding and watering your dream.

Patience. Patience goes hand in hand with faith. You cant have one without the other. Believe and wait but work diligently while you wait.

Commitment. Just as the farmer must be committed to nurturing the bamboo plant every day and every season, knowing that it will eventually produce a great result, so too must you believe and commit yourself.

Your dream your business will succeed if you believe in it and are willing to see it through to harvest. Dont give up on your dream out of frustration, and move on to the next bit of soil, year after year. Find that which you love, work it and you will succeed.

The great news is that most business dreams dont take nearly as long as the bamboo tree takes to grow. You can start your new business this year and quite possible, youll see a result in a few months or a short year. But if you do find yourself challenged to a greater degree than expected, you need only focus on overcoming your obstacles and success is yours.

Remember the bamboo tree and waiver not in your journey to success.