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In 2016, Nike was intrigued when it introduced its version of “back-to-the-future” self-lacing shoes. After the stock ran out and became a collectors item and after the embarrassing software glitch that disabled them, the company is now launching the next generation of its smart shoes.

Expensive gimmick

The main feature – or gimmick – and what makes the shoes so interesting is the fact that they know how to lace themselves; As soon as your foot is stepped on, the footwear will feel the foot, and will adapt itself to the shape of the foot and the physical activity that you are expected to perform with the push of a button. Thanks to this smart lacing system, the shoes promise to be fastened, and grip your foot in the best way. At least for now, the shoe is mostly suited for basketball games.

The Nike Adapt BB 2.0, the second generation of the shoe, is $ 50 more expensive than the previous model, which means that their price tag is $ 400, about NIS 1,370. However, Nike explains that this is an improved model that offers better grip, and a cushion that will support every step you take on the field. With Bluetooth and a dedicated app, you can make the adjustment to your foot and make sure it is accurate, but also play with the colors of its LED lights. Because it’s cool.

There is no doubt that a smart shoe is a pretty cool commodity, but it does mean that if you want to enjoy its functions – you must remember to recharge it between workouts. Before Nike, the battery of the shoes should last for several weeks, and charging is done using a compatible charging pad.