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#1 Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus is designed with the most advanced algorithms to ensure maximum ease of use. You can select the dates that will keep your pool clean on a regular basis using the scheduling feature.

The advanced programming allows it to adapt to the size and shape of your pool. This allows for an algorithm that covers all areas. The brush system is high-end and features a pattern that lifts dirt and grime and then suckers it up for maximum efficiency.

The Dolphin Nautilus is eight times more efficient than other options, which minimizes environmental impact and saves you money.

The Dolphin Nautilus can only be used in 50-foot pools.

#2 Polaris F9450

The Polaris F9450 is another great choice for people looking to get a pool that looks great all of the time. It’s one of the more efficient cleaners on our list. The vacuum’s efficiency is four times greater than similar models, resulting in a cleaner pool in a shorter time. This model is also capable of scrubbing both the walls and bottom of the pool clean, so you won’t have to touch up any spots by hand. This model has a waterline-only mode that drives it along the waterline. This is the most difficult part of many pools, and one that many robotic pool cleaners have difficulty reaching.

This model can be programmed in a variety of ways. It can be set on a seven-day schedule, which allows for multiple cleaning operations per week. The only problem with this model is that it’s not great with fine dirt. In some places, that will never be a problem, and in others, you’ll have to put up extra money to get a fine-dirt filter to get your pool clean. Overall, the model is excellent and could easily win first place if it had a fine-dirt filter.

#3 Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier shares many similarities with our first choice. It is energy-saving (in this instance, 90% more efficient than AC-powered cleaners). The unit has a scheduling component as well as a variety attachments to remove leaves, pollen, and debris. There’s also a hyper-grip track that means it’s 40% better than competing models at sticking to the walls of your pool.

The Dolphin Premier is a very expensive cleaner. You can actually find cleaners for above-ground pools that are significantly cheaper than the Dolphin Premier. It can also struggle with oval and rounded pools. Nonetheless, like our number one pick above, your money will buy you high-end features.

#4 Hayward SharkVac RC9740CUB

Another robotic pool cleaner is the Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool vacuum. It offers decent performance at a fair price. While it doesn’t map the pool as the previous model does, it does use a smart steering system that keeps track of where it’s been in order to help it determine where it needs to go next. It has easy access to its filter cartridges like the previous model. However, you should be aware that there are two smaller cartridges which must be removed and cleaned individually. This robot pool cleaner is not affected by stairs, unlike other robotic pool cleaners.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a great time with walls. It struggles to rise on steep, extended vertical surfaces, so while it does okay with stairs, you can’t expect much from it when it comes to walls. It’s also heavy. It’s difficult to lift this model out from the pool. Then, you have to lower it back in. A heavy model places a lot of strain on your back and arms. It can be a good choice if you have the strength to lift this model out of the pool and are confident that it will work well with your jobs. Otherwise, you probably won’t like it.

#5 AquabotX4

The Aquabot X4 is designed to be used on all pool shapes and features a sixty-foot range that’s compatible with most pools. It’s also available for a moderate price that’s suitable for the needs of budget buyers.

This cleaner is highly efficient, thanks to its mapping algorithms that detect your pool’s layout so it can work better even with unusual shapes. You can use less chemicals in your pool with the high-end filter included in this unit.

Brush bristles are an important consideration. They are fragile and prone tangles, so it is important to replace them frequently.

Some users have reported that the whole cleaner died prematurely. While this is not an issue with all cleaners, it is something to be aware.

#6 Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze 

Some people prefer to use a pool skimmer to keep their pools clean. These devices are used for removing any dirt, leaves, bugs, or other debris from the water surface. There are many robotic pool skimmers on the market, but the Solar Breeze is the best.

This solar-powered robotic pool skimmer removes more than 90% of the pool’s surface debris. It also comes with a chlorine tray that can hold up to two 3-inch tablets. This allows it to disinfect the water as it works. Reviewers call this solar-powered robotic skimmer “awesome,” and many love its spacious debris basket and, of course, the fact that it harnesses the energy of the sun to save you money on electricity.

You can also cut down on your energy bills by investing in a solar pool cover, which uses the sun to raise pool temperatures and retain heat.

#7 Aquabot Aquabot ABREEZ4WD 4WD Breeze 4WD

Aquabot Breeze 4WD Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner has a 60-foot length and four-wheel drive. This will make pool navigation easy.

The rest of the features don’t necessarily impress, especially when compared to the other options on our list. The algorithm is quite simple and leaves many places unattended. It also struggles with corners and walls.

It has a small storage capacity so it will need emptied and cleaned often. It’s not a bad pool robot, but it also doesn’t compare well to the rest of our list.