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#1 Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 

This grill is as easy to use as a regular gas grill because it has an automatic feed system. Simply turn a dial to adjust the heat to any desired temperature. For consistent cooking, the grill will maintain that temperature within +/- 20°.

The main cooking rack is 513 square inches while the smoking/warming rack holds an additional 187 square inches, so you’ve got plenty of room for grilling burgers, steaks, chops, ribs, and vegetables to feed a crowd.

For easy cleaning, a spigot drains the grease neatly into a cup (not included) so it won’t accumulate at the bottom of the grill. The lid is made from stainless steel. The grill body is made of coated steel. A large, closed cart allows you to store your cooking and pellet supplies.

This smoker can hold 20 pounds of pellets. A 20-pound bag with oak pellets is also included.


#2 Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker

The Camp Chef updated pellet grill and smoker is a great choice for home grillers. The LED display allows for you to monitor the internal temperature of the grill using the integrated thermometer, as well as the internal temperature your food is cooking with the stainless steel probe. This ensures that your food cooks perfectly every time.

The total cooking area is 875 square inches including both the grilling area and the warming/smoking rack, so you’ll have plenty of space for racks of ribs, slabs of bacon, or enough chickens to feed the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the grill precisely controls the temperature, so you won’t have wide temperature fluctuations that can ruin foods. The hopper can hold 18 pounds of pellets. This means you will have more time to cook.


#3 Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

The flame broiler slide plate lets you control how much flame reaches your food from below. This makes the pellet grill great for direct heat cooking. It’s like a grill and a cast iron pan at the same time. The electronic ignition is quick and easy to use, and fan-forced heat creates clean, flavorful smoke.

This offers 700 square inches of cooking space on porcelain coated cast iron grids that won’t rust or corrode, while they also produce excellent grill marks. Digital control of the burn system allows for precise temperature control and even heating, from 170 to 600 degrees. The innovative design and exhaust system of the upper rack heats up enough to be used for grilling and not just warming.

It is as simple as turning the grill on or off. After you press the power button, the grill waits for a cool down before turning off completely. The hopper holds 18 lbs of pellets.


#4 Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

The Green Mountain Davy Crockett Grill makes a great pellet smoker for tailgating. It’s portable, small in size, has WiFi, a digital thermostatic controller and a lot more! If you’re planning to host a party in your condo or apartment, the Davy Crockett pellet smoker will be ideal. Davy Crockett is the best portable pellet smoker out there.

The digital WiFi controller that is included with the pellet smoker can be used with both iOS and Android. The SenseMate feature has a thermal sensor and will monitor the temperature of the grill. The Davy Crockett pellet smoking machine is portable, so it can be taken anywhere. Whether it’s tailgating, house-boating, festivals, hunting, camping, or simply a gathering at home, the Davy Crockett pellet smoker will have you covered.

The legs of the pellet smoker can be folded up, making it easy to store in your car’s trunk. It is very easy to assemble and to clean. You can take the Davy Crockett pellet smoker on the road without needing an extra power converter.


#5 Traeger Grills TFB38TCA

Professional smokers love Traeger grills, but they are easy enough for beginners. The digital controller controls the temperature to within +/- 20°C for consistent cooking. Simply turn a dial like the one on an oven. You can set it from the low-and-slow “smoke” setting, up to 450 degrees for grilling, baking, and more and the LED display lets you check the grill temperature as often as you like.

The grill has a cooking surface of 380 square inches and porcelain-coated grates. It can also be used to start the fire.

The tool caddy holds your grilling tools, sauces, seasonings, and other items. The front rack allows you to work and unload the grill. The hopper holds 18 lbs of pellets.


#6 Traeger TFB42LZBC Grills Tex Elite 22

With the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill and smoker, you’ll never have to use charcoal or gas again. And we all know how much better food tastes when you’re cooking with wood. This pellet smoker has a rating 4.6/5 and is a top seller at Amazon!

The pellet smoker can be used to grill, smoke, roast, roast, or barbecue. The digital elite controller makes it super easy to control the grill’s temperature. You can relax while the grill does all of the work. This prevents you standing over the grill to inspect your food.

The 418 square inch capacity makes it ideal for home cooking. The pellet smoker can grill up to five racks each of ribs and four chickens. It can also hold 16 burgers. It weighs only 18 lbs and can be easily moved around.