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#1 Avital 3100LX

If you don’t have much money to spend on a car alarm but still need some extra protection for your vehicle, check out the Avital 3100LX. The well-priced system provides basic protection including engine immobilization. It is easy enough to install by most people. It can be connected to the vehicle’s existing siren so you don’t need to mount or find space to install a separate siren.

The Avital 3100LX includes a pair of remotes, and can support up to four people. As well as the alarm itself, this is a great — and low-cost — way to add keyless entry, trunk release, and remote starting features to an older vehicle.

If you are having trouble finding your vehicle in the lot or if you notice someone paying too much attention to it you can activate panic mode. This sounds the horn, flashes the lights and makes it impossible for you to find your vehicle.

If you’re unsure of what to look for, knowing how car alarm sensors work may help to inform your shopping decision.


#2 Python 5760P

Python Car alarm systems fall somewhere in between budget brands like Avital or luxury labels like Viper. They offer an impressive range of features for a low price and a great deal of functionality. Python 5706P has a range of one mile and is far more reliable than other alarm systems in its price bracket. It also features remote start and an LCD remote. This system also offers multiple inputs for expansions and a longer battery lifespan than other car alarms systems. Python is more than a loud siren to deter car thieves. It also has shock sensors and a variety of sensors that you can adjust for sensitivity.

Python has its faults, just like any product. Two of the most notable are the higher price of the system in comparison to similar systems and the difficulty of installing the system, which should only be done by professionals to ensure compliance with the warranty terms. While it does have smartphone capabilities, they aren’t fully integrated and require purchasing additional modules.


#3 Omega K9 Mundial-4

The Omega K9 Mundial-4 alarm system is affordable, but it has many useful features. This alarm system includes a dual-zone shock sensor, loud electronic alarm, keyless remote entry, trunk release, and two panic alarm options. You can also configure the system to activate an anti-carjacking function that will activate when the vehicle starts, if the doors are opened or closed while the ignition is on, and via the remote.

It’s loud and cheerful by default. You can change the volume of the alarm and confirmation chirps, as well a range other settings such as automatic arming or open door alerts. The remotes come with four buttons for control, which is unusual for a system this inexpensive.

Mundial-4 also offers additional inputs to increase security and add proximity sensors. 


#4 Viper 5906V

If you’re looking for the Cadillac of aftermarket car alarm systems, Viper You should make this your first stop. Although the company is well-known for providing the best car alarm systems, it also has a high price. Viper has invested heavily in the latest security features, including customized sensors and multiple kill switches. It also fully integrates with your smartphone. True to Viper’s reputation for excellence, the color OLED display in the remotes is unlike anything you’ll find in other systems, and the one-mile range places the company at the top.

However, the Viper5906V is not a car alarm system that you can install by yourself. You’ll need to visit a certified dealer or run the risk of invalidating your warranty. Of course, the Viper’s cost can be prohibitively expensive for many car owners and is probably most attractive to those who have a ride that’s worth the extra protection.


#5  Compustar CS7900

Compustar has done an excellent job putting this car-alarm package together. It offers a wide range of security and other useful features to those who install it. It all starts with the car alarm system which has remote starting capability. The package also includes a dual stage shock sensor and an electronic siren.

Two-way remote control is one of the best things about this car alarm package. It can respond to your commands visually and audibly. The range of the remote is 3000 feet. You can also add a 1-way backup remote and optional door, trunk, and hood impact sensors.


#6 Crimestopper SP-502

Directed Electronics also owns Avital.

Avital is a trusted brand that has been around for almost 20 years. Avital alarms have been installed in my vehicle and I can attest to their quality.

The Avital 5305L is a mid-tier security system that provides many features to keep your vehicle safe and secure without breaking the bank.