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ZoneOptions is a relatively new player as they were incorporated in 2011. Interesting enough they are using the TechFinancials platform, which is quite rare these days.

For being so new the website looks mature and stand out in comparison to many other brokers. They payouts are good at 85% and inline with other brokers using the same platform. Its also better than most other brokers hoovering in the 70-80% area.

The minimum deposit is $250 which is in the mid area where $100-500 is normal. ZoneOptions is incorporated in Cyprus, a EU member, and their headquarters are there as well. So there is probably some oversight but don’t get your hopes up high, because there is no regulation. You can also trade Boundary options (Range) and 60s options with ZoneOptions.

Market Diversity

ZoneOptions do not offer the most extensive range of assets. At 55 they are on the lower half when it comes to market diversity. Other brokers using the same platform also have about the same number of assets so it is perhaps more due to the platform than the broker.

Are they going to add more assets in the near future? Probably, but right now they are on the low side. The main deficiency is in the area of commodities. For those of you that like trading commodities this might not be the best broker. One good thing is that they cover US, European as well as Asian assets. Forex is well represented with all the major currency pairs.


Since ZoneOptions are using the TechFinancials trading platform the reliability is very high. Other brokers using this platform have been around for a long time, which shows how strong this platform is.

If you have ever traded you will notice that there is a delay between the entry of the order and the order confirmation. This is normal because it usually takes a few seconds for the server to respond and send you the confirmation.

I recommend you use a browser exclusively for trading without any add ons or extensions. They can significantly slow down the browser and thus the trading and lead to missed opportunities.


Charting is fairly good. If you have had a look at all the other broker charting, you will understand that is the bare minimum that the brokers are supplying their customers. Some don’t even offer a chart history feature, but ZoneOptions do.

ZoneOptions Review 2017

If you click on the left arrow in the top right corner of the chart you will be provided with more price history. Very basic but can be used for pin pointing trades for example. Preferably you should use a free charting service in addition to the broker charts to get the most out of your trading. Professional trader would never ever based their trades on such charts.

User Friendliness

On great feature with the TechFinancials platform is the ability to filter the assets. Trading just a few select assets that you know extremely well is always a good idea whatever you are trading. With the favorites function you can set the assets you want to trade so that you focus on what you know the best.

There is also latest news from Yahoo on almost all assets so that you can be informed on the spot without having to leave the trading interface. Can be very useful especially if you are a news trader. ZoneOptions also offers a demo account but unfortunately you have to open and deposit funds first before they give you access to the demo account.

That kind of defeats the purpose of the demo account but its sure better than none. Deposit and withdrawal is easy as with most brokers with lots of choices.


ZoneOptions support is good, at least when we tried it out. Best is the live chat, fast and accurate replies as well. Try phone and email if you need support at strange hours of the day since the live chat will be closed. The trading library is not bad with a free ebook that can be downloaded and studied at peace in your home. A video series of tutorial is sorely lacking but then again very few binary options brokers do offer this.

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