Top 5 Startups That Sold for the Highest Amount this year

A lot of the startups which sell for high amounts are tech-oriented. Since technology moves so fast, the industry is always evolving and startups with tech elements tend to have new things which are prized by bigger companies. In most cases, these kinds of tech startups are acquired by bigger companies. Today, we’re going to look at the top 5 startups that sold for the highest amount in 2016-2017

1.) WhatsApp

WhatsApp has gained over four hundred and fifty million users since it started up. While it’s lost some users recently to other, similar platforms, it is still a powerhouse and that’s why Facebook VIPs decided to buy the application for a whopping nineteen billion dollars. WhatsApp, which was founded back in 2009, is a real success story.

It always takes time for a startup to achieve its potential and this particular company has definitely enjoyed exponential growth and a meteoric rise.

2.) EZChip

This Israeli startup was sold for eight hundred and eleven million dollars. It was purchased by another Isreal-based company, known as Melianox, which supplies connectivity services to customers.

3.) CommonFloor

Real estate is big business and CommonFloor is a Web-based real estate agency which was sold to a bigger company for one hundred and twenty million bucks. The deal was brokered by a mutual investor in the buyer and seller companies. While the company was actually valued at one hundred and fifty million, it’s safe to say that the owners of CommonFloor were pretty happy to access the amount that they did for their online real estate firm.

4) FabFurnish

Tech startups aren’t the only companies which get snapped up for big amounts of money. Another startup, FabFurnish, which sells furnishing via its online storefront, was purchased this year by the Future Group for seventy million dollars. While it sold for less than its valuation, it’s still performed amazingly since its inception.

5.) Tinyowl

Tinyowl is a software application which helps people to order food quickly and reliably. It was acquired by a logistics company and it sold for twenty million dollars, after the logistics company decided to partner with another company in order to come up with enough capital. This type of deal was a merger deal, whereby the bigger company uses what’s acquired in order to expand its domination of a particular niche of industry.

As you can see, tech is really a strong focus. Tech companies have real potential and, when they deliver on this potential, the sky is the limit. For this reason, more and more tech entrepreneurs are throwing their hats into the ring and creating new companies, hoping to get their pieces of the pie one day. While many tech startups don’t achieve their potential, a few do hit the target with truly inspiring results.

Now that you know about five startups which did achieve their potential this year, you’ve gained a deeper understanding of which types of companies other firms are looking to buy. While there is one retailer in the mix, most companies are focused on making people’s lives easier via technology.

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