StockPair Broker Review 2017

StockPair is a very interesting Binary Options broker (and not only).

Founded in 2009 and thus an established broker, StockPair takes a different approach to Binary Options trading than the other brokers.

Its fresh approach that really changes they way we look at binary Options Trading. The platform they use is totally propritary and included several patents. As you will understand reading this review, the platform is very different in a positive way.

StockPair is one of the better brokers around for several reasons. They payout are reasonably high and the minimum deposit is also fairly low at $200 (average range $100-500). Also StockPair is incorporated in Cyprus which are one of the few jurisdictions with some basic regulation of Binary Options.

Market Diversity

The range of underlying assets is huge. Of course StockPair is heavily weighted towards stocks, but feature all the major currencies, indices and commodities.

Most brokers add assets over time so StockPair will probably feature more assets from for example currencies as time goes by. The amount of stocks on offer is staggering and really dwarfs the other asset groups.

As usual the lowest number of assets is in the commodities group which is common for Binary Options brokers. The mix of assets is also very good with a assets from North America, Europe and Asia. The big emphasis is on North American and European assets. From Asia only Australian assets are available, nothing from Japan or China.


Since this is an established broker with an battle tested platform, the reliability is excellent. We have had no problems during our test of this platform or broker.

Everything runs smooth which is an prerequisite for professional traders. Of course you will have that slight delay between order placement and confirmation and its present on all trading platforms. We have found that the Chrome browser works best with these web based trading platforms.


Charting is excellent and in a way better than the other platforms. Of course we are talking in relative terms because all Binary Options brokers have lousy charts, but StockPair is showing the way of the future. The chart on the trade page is small and we are used to this by now.

However, if you click on the link where it says Technical Analysis a much larger chart come up where there are some indicators plotted ready for use. The indicators are:

– Bollinger Bands
– SMA (Simple Moving Average)
– Resistance Level 1 & Support Level 1
– RSI (Relative Strength Index)

These indicators very common among traders and can actually be used to make your own trading strategy. It not the scope of this review to go into this but it comes to show that with some simple tools a lot can be done. The Technical Analysis chart looks like this:

All-in-all StockPair give you a little more than the average Binary Options broker out there.

User Friendliness

The reason we like StockPair so much is the User Friendliness of the trading interface. As opposed to other brokers which have fixed intervals between each new option, StockPair instead leaves it up to you to decide when you want to place your order.

This makes it much more intuitive for the user. For example, all other brokers will have an fixed time for expiry and a new option would come up say every 15 min.

So you have to adapt your trading strategy to suit the broker. With StockPair on the other hand YOU set the lockout period and and thus decide when the option will expire. If you want it to expire 12:07 thats what is going to be.

Of course there are some negatives, for example StockOption doesnt offer a free demo account. Only if you deposit money first they will let you practice on a special account. At least this is better than many other brokers, but a totally free demo account would be better. Otherwise deposit and withdrawal seems to work as usual with plenty of options available.


As far as we have been able to test support is excellent. This is usually the case with established brokers like StockPair. The staff seem well educated and answers most questions without hesitation. The Live Chat is preferable as it is quick to get an answer. Use phone or email for more serious issues.The only let down here is that the traditional eBook is missing. Otherwise there are some sort of training with a video as well.

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