7 Ways To Monetize Your Website

There are indeed numerous ways on how website make money but for some people, especially beginners, these methods may be somewhat overwhelming and confusing.

Monetize Your Website

This article has been written mainly for the purpose of accommodating the needs of those people who would want to learn about the most effective methods to monetize their website.

The possibility of being able to make money online from a website may be exciting but as a start, you have to know the fact that this does not promise any easy money.

As with all other money-making ventures, this will entail hard work, patience, time and a great deal of effort on your part.

Ask any person who has been successful online and you will never find a single one who will claim that he or she did not experience any hardships at all. To start with, let us look at some of the most effective methods on how websites make money which have been proven and tested by many people over time.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online . There are hundreds of websites on the internet which you can sign up and starting working as an affiliate.

Click bank, eBay, Media net, Hostgator, amazon are just few names we can mention.

Under this method, you will basically be taking the role of a middleman between businesses and prospective buyers as an affiliate marketer.

In affiliate marketing, you will promote products, services or sites of certain companies and businesses so that they may effectively attract potential customers.

After becoming a member of a certain company’s affiliate marketers, that certain company will then provide you with tracking links which you can place in your site or blog.

You can put these links either as text links, banners, or a part of your products reviews just as long as it will effectively convince your readers to click them.

These tracking links will directly lead prospective customers to the site of the company. Mainly, you will be able to make money at home through affiliate marketing in the form of sales commissions every time you are able to lead a potential customer to the company’s site and that certain customer successfully buys the product you are promoting.

 2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per click advertising is one of the most popular and also among the simplest methods to monetize your website.

Google AdSense is considered to be one of the best money making websites  when it comes to this category. This method is fairly simple.

After applying for and being accepted in the Pay per click advertising network of your choice, you will then be required to put some code snippets on your site.

This will allow the network to place ads on your site which will either be in the form of images or text every time a visitor on your site click on the ad – you earn your cut.

3. Selling e-Products

Your website could be a perfect avenue to promote and sell products, specifically eGoods.

eGoods, which are also referred to as digital products, include eBooks, templates, software and the like. A lot of people prefer selling digital products online because of the convenience and low cost it offers. With digital products, you will not have to be worried about shipment hassles unlike with physical products since you can just send them to your customers via email or you may allow them to download it after paying for it.

4. Selling Advertisement Space

Another lucrative way on how to make money with your website is to sell online advertisement space. This is especially suitable if your site has a great deal of visitors every day. This way, more advertisers would be more than willing to buy those ad spaces to promote their products or services online.

Unlike the pay per click method we mentioned above – here you will be renting the ad space based for a certain amount of time.

5. Paid Membership

A membership site is a kind of site wherein people will have to pay in order to access the information you publish on your site.

You may offer exclusive password-protected articles, products, information, etc. and offer people the chance to access them by becoming a member of your site for a fee. If your site offers content that is valuable enough for people to willingly pay for it, then you could go a long way with the concept of paid membership sites.

6. Donations

Putting a ‘donate’ button or link on your website is another way in which you can earn through your site. Some websites tend to operate well with donation-based methods, especially sites which have content that offer much value to its readers such as self-help sites and the like.

7.Personalized Merchandise

Since you can reach a wider market through the internet, your website is an ideal place to put up your very own online shop.

A lot of people would want to get paid online  but just do not know where to start looking for the right answer.

If there just too many options on how to make money online that it is already becoming overwhelming, then why not start within yourself? Ask yourself about your passion, your interest, your talents, skills and things which you are most good at – and start there.

Are you good at painting? Making different creative crafts? Sewing or printing t-shirts? If you are good at these things or any other thing for that matter, then consider selling your merchandise online. Who knows, many people might just find your product worth their money!

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