Is Digital Altitude a Scam? An Honest Review

Before providing you with any more details about this online money-making program called “Digital Altitude”, understand that it is a scam.

The fact that some people have fallen for it is appalling, so let this review provide anyone looking to get involved with Digital Altitude with enough of a warning to stay away.

The program supposedly helps anyone from moms to waiters learn how to invest in businesses online and make millions. Of course, the cost of the program starts at about $40 a month. That is just for the basic training. If anyone wishes to climb up to the higher levels of learning, the costs soar.

What is the Digital Altitude Program?


It was created by a retired marine who claimed to be a top leader in other online programs like Carbon Copy Pro. His name is Michael Force and whenever these former businesses bottomed out, he’d conveniently change their names and move on just like any scammer would do.

He was originally a leader of another MLM company called the Empower Network and has since had some major complaints lodged against him. One look at the program he is now promoting, and you will see that it has some incredible similarities with others online – specifically the MTTB program.

Digital Altitude is nothing more than a high-cost MLM scheme. It teaches members how to target the gullible and get them to buy into expensive memberships where they will get mentored as to how to make money. The subscribers are called Affiliates and must work to build up their downline.

This never happens as most people only get past the $1 14-day trial membership. This is a good thing for those who are leery about what they learn during this time. Unfortunately, many people wind up becoming a paid member. It happens almost by accident because the program gets a hold of your credit card information and will bill freely, unless one is diligent and persistent about cancelling the trial.

Many people find the lure hard to resist and wind up allow their cards to be billed the first $17 for the Aspire affiliate membership. Why not? They get a life-time coach who guides them to climb the rungs of the program. The hook is that the more you pay, the more they will teach you.

You cannot pay $37 a month for the lower memberships and expect to learn what those in the higher tiers are paying. If you get hooked into this, you can see how hard it is to resist the temptation. You want to learn to make those thousands a month like your coach does, after all, so you wind up paying the higher monthly fees.

When you ask your coach for actionable things to do to get to the higher levels, don’t expect help. They only encourage you to upgrade your membership. That’s where many people get their ah-ha moment and quit.

Please be careful not to fall for this scam. There are legitimate money-making programs online but this is not one of them.

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