The Best Businesses to Start in 2017

If you want to start a new business in 2017 but you are unsure about whats the best business to start, here are some ideas to get you started:

E-commerce Business

The rising number of consumers ordering goods and services online has made the e-commerce industry one of the most lucrative. Research carried out by Sageworks, a financial information company, shows that this industry keeps growing none stop.

The Best Businesses to Start in 2017

This trend is likely to continue in the near future as more people take advantage of low prices offered by online retailers as well as huge discounts offered during holidays.

Software Company

If you have a background in IT and know how to write and publish software, you can use your expertise to start a company. You can even turn such a startup into a fortune the same way Jan Koum and his friend used their programming expertise to build Whatsapp, which Facebook acquired for billions of dollars.

Investigation Business

IT is not the only sector where you can start a business with a huge potential for successful. For instance, you can start a business that offers investigation services to clients such as employers, property owners, financial institutions, celebrities, learning institutions, and even couples.

Individuals and entities use the services of private investigators for different reasons such as determining whether a spouse is having an affair, tracking a fugitive, tracking a lost family member, or unmasking identity thieves.

Although anyone can start such a business, people who have served in the police or military tend to have an edge largely because of domain knowledge. Sales in this sector grew by 14.4% in 2014.

Human Resources Company

With the American economy currently in great shape, most companies are doubling down their hiring efforts.

You can get a piece of this pie by starting a company that offers employment services. However, you should be ready to hire great tech talent because the once unexciting HR niche is experiencing a revolution of sorts.

Ambitious startups are using computer algorithms to scour social networking sites and then analyze gathered data to determine personality and suitability of potential hires. Firms in this niche posted sales growth figures in the last years.


There has never been a better time to start a business than now. You can use the sky-high optimism among consumers and SMBs to launch an e-commerce, HR, software publishing, or a private investigation business.

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