5 exciting new ways to earn money online in 2017

In the year 2017, we have personal drones, self-driving cars, and now, seeming limitless ways of making money online. A lot of people don’t realize it, but they have so much more access to easy money than ever before. With the advent of new technology, there are so many ways make money through investing, or even better, via a marketable skill.

Here are the top five ways you can make money online in 2017.

5. Investing in Stocks

When people hear the word “investment” the images of slickly dressed bankers and scrolling numbers pops into their head. While this is true, the reality is that more and more average people with computers are taking to the internet to profit off of the stock market. Investments are a fantastic way to get more revenue because they encourage you to not only take risks, but they can help you multiply your funds by getting passive dividends.

As with anything, it’s important to do your research, but stocks are without a doubt among the top reasons on this list for making extra money online.

4. Work a Freelance Job

Are you a graphic designer or writer? Well, with the internet, you can send your resume out to hundreds of freelance writing jobs or graphic design positions. Because most of this work can be done digitally, it’s never been easier to simply log onto a computer and get paid for your talent and ability.

Remember, as with anything, it can take time to find a job out there, but if you’re passionate and determined, you’ll eventually find an online freelance job.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

One of the most fun ways to make money online is through a YouTube channel. A lot of people attempt to get big on YouTube for financial reasons, but first and foremost, it’s a goo idea to get into a YouTube channel because it’s fun. It may take some considerable time before you get the hang of recording and marketing your videos, but eventually, you could very well find yourself making lots of extra income on YouTube.

2. Start a Gaming Channel

Similar to the YouTube idea, playing and broadcasting your video game talents (or lack thereof) is another great way to get paid online. A lot of people, especially popular ones, get money for simply accumulating subscribers on specific websites that allow them to broadcast their video games in real-time.

If you love to play video games and don’t mind the spotlight, you should definitely consider streaming video games for the enjoyment of others.

1. Sportsbetting

If you love watching sports, guess what, now you can get paid for all that time spent on the couch. Starting in the early 2000s, internet sportsbooks starting popping up all over the internet. While some people consider them gimmicks and a bit of a scam, the reality is there are plenty of reputable and reliable sportsbooks that will take your action.

Regardless of which option you choose, all of them are fantastic ways to earn money online in 2016.

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