2 Questions you should ask yourself before you pick your next blog niche topic

As you may already know, choosing a good niche topic for blogging is the most important thing a blogger must do before anything else. And you know as much as I do that the niche area we choose directly affects the profitability and success of our blog. So if we want to make money from your blogs, we must first start by choosing a good niche topic for blogging.

Now how do we do that? Simple. By asking the right questions!

In this article, you will discover the 2 questions we should ask ourselves whenever we are choosing good niche topic for your next blog niche site.

#1: Are there any demands unmet in the niche area?

Following the simple principle of Supply and Demand, you and I know that we can only make money from an industry when the demand is higher than the supply.

So if you are concerned with the bottom line (as you should), this is the most important consideration in choosing good niche topic for blogging.

remember that the internet is mostly about people seeking for someone to solve their problems. whether it’s weight loss, some health problem, wanting to have fun or simply being bored right now.

if you can find some area that many have people have a problem with but the solutions are not that great – you might found gold!

#2: Do you have an interest in that area?

I’ve seen so many blogs come and go, created then left to rust that it’s insane! A blog you just visited today might give you the “Webpage No Longer In Use” error message the day after!

I’ve seen it happening to a number of beginners who were too focused on finding a profitable niche and jumping right into it without asking themselves if they have the passion to sustain their journey for a long period of time.

Yes, the idea of making money may be exciting but if we are not enjoying the process of what we’re doing, we ain’t going to last long enough to enjoy the fruits of our labour. That’s only natural.

Humans tend to do things that give them a sense of satisfaction along the way. The moment we treat blogging as a chore, guess what? We won’t be updating it the next day!

I once heard a wise man say, “In order for you to have funds, you must first have fun!” Well, nothing can be further than the truth!

As you have learned by now, the first 2 important questions to ask ourselves before choosing good niche topic for blogging is one, ‘is there a demand?’ and two, ‘do I have an interest in that area?’

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