17 Most Expensive and luxurious First Class Airlines Seats

Decades ago, flying was considered a quick and luxurious way of travel to get those who could afford it from point A to point B as quickly and elegantly as possible. Over the years, flying seems to have evolved into a necessary inconvenience, or an unpleasant detail to be endured in order to arrive at a vacation or business trip destination. But many airlines are working to change the mundane drudgery of air travel into a luxuriously enjoyable experience.

17.American Airlines

At $1,800, American Airlines is a great option for traveling on business. The swiveling seats can be reconfigured to arrange an in-air business meeting, or just spin in circles for fun. Those delightful seats can be folded down into a bed, and noise canceling headphones are also provided to block out any nearby snoring. It includes a cotton blanket and larger-than-most pillow, as well as great dinner options, so for the price, it’s a great deal!

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